Off-Site and Home Training

We're excited to announce we're now offering off-site personal training. Sports Performance Specialist Jordan Ainsworth can now give you all the benefits of a DST training program at a location of your choice! You no longer have to worry about moving your schedule around to make time to come in to one of our facilities.

"I want athletes to think of me like a hitting or pitching instructor except I work with the body to help with other skills coaches are looking for in their players." - Jordan Ainsworth

Jordan is our first-ever mobile trainer and is available to meet at any DST location or other location of your choice if it is more convenient for you.

Jordan has 6 years of experience training athletes of all ages and talent level, ranging from 7year old coordination classes to Individual lessons with professional athletes in the MLB and NFL.

"I'll work with athletes to accomplish any physical goal they may have. I have found that clarity leads to efficiency. You as the athlete and/or parent will choose where you want my attention focused and I will do my best to help you achieve better results faster." Jordan has had success and a positive track record improving all of the following:

40 and 60 Yard Dash - Home to First Time - Vertical Jump 
Broad Jump - Throwing Velocity - Bat Speed - Reaction Time 
Pro Shuttle - Injury Prevention - Injury Recovery


Off-Site Programming

Strength Training Houston, TX
At DST, we train athletes year-round. Some of our athletes only have time to train at our facilities during their off-season, but want to keep training in season. Because of that, we offer off-site programming so our athletes can continue to better themselves with customized DST programming. This option allows athletes to have DST training wherever they are!

This option is also perfect for athletes who live out of town or out of state, but still want the specialization of DST's athletic development.

In order to be your best during your season, you need to continue strength programs during that important time. Our off-site programs are custom for each of our athletes to help them continue to get better in season.

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