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Accelerated Arm Recovery
One of the biggest weapons any athlete has - especially in throwing sports - is his or her arm. For years, athletes have been using the same old recovery techniques that rely on static stretches and icing or heating of the arm and shoulder. As the game has evolved, so has almost every other aspect involved except one: arm recovery. 
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Until recently, there hasn't been a better way to help your throwing arm recover. A couple years ago, Lee Fiocchi developed a revolutionary new post-workout program called Accelerated Arm Recovery. With his new program, baseball players across the country have gotten a competitive edge by having a stronger, fresher arm shortly after outings.
The Accelerated Arm Recovery Method was vital in the comeback and return to dominance for Los Angeles Dodgers All-Star pitcher Scott Kazmir and has been instrumental in the career Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer.

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