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By Dynamic Sports Training 25 Apr, 2017
The muscle-up is an advanced upper body exercise mainly seen in the gymnastics and CrossFit communities. The application of the muscle-up to team sports is limited, however we can break the movement down into its more basic components and achieve a positive training effect.

The muscle up is comprised of two basic components: a pull up , followed immediately by a dip . These are two very simple and very effective exercises in their own right. The pull up is one of the biggest 'bang for your buck' exercises in building a strong, muscular back. Dips are a great exercise for building the pressing muscles such as the chest, triceps, and front delts.

If you’ve ever watched men’s gymnastics, it is pretty easy to see the high level of upper body strength and musculature development that these movements have contributed to. Even these athletes were not able to achieve a flawless muscle-up on their first time trying. They started with the basics of these movements and progressed as they mastered the beginner variations.

This is something we see being skipped in many CrossFit classes and from enthusiastic individuals roaming your local gym. If we put the muscle-up (done properly) on an exercise continuum and compare it to an education continuum, it would be equivalent to a master’s level education. No one gets their masters, or even gets to practice the core curriculum, without first passing the required prerequisites. This approach should be no different when picking exercises to include in a well-designed strength and conditioning program.

So whether you want to achieve your first muscle-up or to simply have a strong upper body, make sure you are mastering the basics first.
By Dynamic Sports Training 25 Apr, 2017
It's no surprise to us here at Dynamic Sports Training when we see one of our athletes' names (or multiple) in an article headline, spotlighting him or her for doing something great in their respective sport. We've been with them through the offseason grinding and know they're capable of achieving greatness. 

Even though it doesn't surprise us, we still get pumped whenever we see our athletes in the media. This last week, we had a few baseball clients achieve a bunch of 'firsts' and we'd like to highlight their recent accomplishments:

Austin Pruitt (RHP) - First Career MLB Win (Tampa Bay Rays)

Austin has been training with DST since his college days at UofH. While a Cougar, Pruitt worked with DST Owner Lee Fiocchi who was the Head Strength Coach for the baseball program at the time. Pruitt has worked with DST North Director of Operations and Sports Performance Specialist, Kevin Poppe, for the last four off-seasons. He was drafted in the 9th round in the 2013 MLB draft by the Tampa Bay Rays, earning his spot in the Big Leagues this Spring Training (2017) and making his major league debut on April 2, 2017.

Three weeks after his debut, Pruitt earned his first career win while striking out five against the Detroit Tigers on April 19 (video). A short three days later, earned his second career win against the Houston Astros, both at home at Tropicana Field. 

"Pru has overachieved other people's expectations his entire career," Poppe comments. "He's a guy that will have a chance to play a long time in the big leagues. He has worked extremely hard over the past several off-seasons to get to this point. He's added velocity, and we are all extremely excited to watch such a good guy get to chase his dream."

DST Sports Performance Specialist, Dennis Koenck, has also been able to see Pruitt's work ethic first-hand. 

"I had heard stories of Pru from Poppe that seemed almost Chuck Norris-like," Koenck jokes. "When I first met Pru, I knew that he was a command guy because he wasn't that much taller than me, until I saw his work ethic and how hard he grinded this off-season. Knowing the odds were against him in Spring Training, the hard work this off-season followed him wherever he went, and it shows a lot with his character. Pru is the man...He sets goals every day, continues to climb, and we're pumped for him!"  

Ryan Tepera (RHP) - First Career MLB Win (Toronto Blue Jays)

Ryan Tepera spent his 2016-17 offseason with Dynamic Sports Training in Houston, Texas, at our West location working with DST Sports Performance Specialist, Sammy Knox. Tepera was drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the 19th round in 2009, making his MLB debut with the club in 2015. 

"I have worked with Ryan each of his last four off-seasons," Knox comments. "Each year he has evolved and progressed into a more well-rounded and complete athlete. It's been fun to watch."

On April 21, 2017, Tepera tossed three scoreless innings to garner his first-ever Big League win against the Los Angeles Angels in extra innings. 

Josh Graber, Director of Business Operations at DST, commented how exciting a time this is. "Ryan's the kind of guy you like to cheer for. He's humble and hard-working. We're so excited to see one of the good guys capitalize on a well-deserved opportunity like this."

Tepera was pretty pumped about Friday's performance when he took to Twitter. "What a game last night! W's are always special, but when they include your first career win and 3 scoreless innings, it's unforgettable" -(via @RTepera

"Ryan Tepera pitches three scoreless frames in extras, striking out three while allowing just one hit to earn his first Major League victory." - (video)

Robert Dugger (RHP) - First Midwest League Win (MiLB - Clinton LumberKings)

Robert Dugger was drafted in the 18th round of the 2016 draft by the Seattle Mariners. On April 23, 2017, Dugger tossed two scoreless innings to earn his first Midwest League win against the Quad Cities River Bandits. 

DST Sports Performance Specialist, Dennis Koenck has a special connection to Robert Dugger, being his first minor-league client he trained on his own as a one-on-one.  

"Rob is the type of guy that found a way to stay even keel, no matter how intense the workouts got I couldn't tell if he was tired or not. It's rewarding to see him go out there and get this first win under his belt -- it takes the pressure off and now he gets to continue to grind, and go out there and perform. From the jam-sessions during the re-eds, explosiveness during the workouts, to the handshakes before he'd take off - I'm pumped for him to continue to build off of his first win."

"Dugger is meticulous in his offseason work at the Texas Baseball Ranch and here at DST," Poppe adds. "He is just a focused kid and is extremely competitive. No doubt he'll be able to have continued success at higher levels."


We are very proud of all of our athletes. We love seeing their success on and off the field, and are looking forward to seeing what other accomplishments they have this season. Way to go, DST Family!
By Dynamic Sports Training 18 Apr, 2017
For all you competitors, creatives, and wannabe fashion designers, we're going to have ourselves a little contest to let YOU -- our athletes -- design our next shirt for our 2017  #SummerofSeparation . (Yes, there will be some nice prizes!)

DST Design Contest Rules

1) Create the very best possible design for our 2017 Summer of Separation shirt each athlete will receive at summer training

2) Submit your design via social media (don't forget to tag us! @DST_Houston) by May 1st.

3) The DST Team will review all entries and choose 4 Finalists .

4) The 4 Finalists will be posted on social media and put to a vote.

5) The contest winner  will be announced on Tuesday, May 2nd. The winner will receive FREE summer training and $50 cash!

What if I'm not very creative?

Don't worry about it! We want everyone to participate. That means we'll take something even if you made it in paint! If your concept is good enough, we'll have our designers work with you to get it the way you want it if you're voted a finalist.

What are the guidelines for my design?

None, really. You can hand-draw it, use an editing software, whatever you want to do! If you need someplace to start, we'd recommend a couple of free design softwares: Canva or PicMonkey

Any recommendations?

Just make sure you use our logo (below) -- but feel free to use it however you'd like!  Bonus points if you incorporate #SummerofSeparation

Other Questions?

 Send Josh Graber an e-mail at with the subject line: DST Design Contest

By Dynamic Sports Training 18 Apr, 2017
This week's exercise is the lunge, which is a great lower body strength exercise for all fitness levels.

In order to properly perform a lunge, make sure the knee, shin, and ankle of the front leg are all in alignment when lowering your body. It is also important to keep the chest up and shoulders back to avoid injury. When going down into the lunge, make sure to lower your body straight down the center of gravity, not shifting any weight forward or backward. When at the bottom of the lunge position, focus on engaging the glute and hamstring to explode back up. Remember to keep an upright posture throughout the entire movement, on the way down as well as on the way up.

To make this movement more challenging, try holding onto weights. Grip the weights tightly, not letting them just hang down by the side. This forces additional muscle engagement in the upper body and core, turning this lower body strength exercise into a full body strength exercise.

The lunge is important for building lower body strength, which translates to lower body power and explosiveness down the line. The lunge can be incorporated into any workout regimen, commonly used in its simplest form with beginners, as well as used in other variations, incorporating added weight/bands with more advanced athletes. 
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