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By Dynamic Sports Training 08 Feb, 2016
This month's Spotlight Athlete is Tampa Bay prospect,  Austin Pruitt. Pruitt has been training with DST since his days as a standout on the mound for the University of Houston Cougars , where DST owner Lee Fiocchi serves as the Strength & Conditioning Coach .

Since being drafted in 2013, Pruitt has been consistent and dedicated in the weight room at DST each off-season. That hard work has paid off on the mound as he progresses in the Minor Leagues - tallying 10 wins last season for the Montgomery Biscuits .

This upcoming season - his fourth - holds a lot of promise for Pruitt. "[He] has been one of our most consistent athletes over the past couple years, and it has translated on the field," said trainer Kevin Poppe. "Austin has put on quality lean mass this offseason, and his dedication to being an MLB starting pitcher has been extremely evident."

Way to go, Pruitt! We're looking forward to watching you this season!
By Dynamic Sports Training 08 Feb, 2016
´╗┐This past week, we had several athletes stand out with consistent hard work. With many of their seasons getting ready to start, we can't wait to see how their hard work pays off. Congratulations to all of our Performers of the Week!

Kylie Nixon - Cypress Woods High School (Softball)

"Kylie is a very dedicated worker and a talented player with several tools that colleges will be looking for. Though she is just a sophomore, Kylie was recently informed that she has made the varsity squad at Cy-Woods High School. I'm really proud of her." - Kevin Poppe

Travis Dixon - Houston Christian High School (Football)

"Travis has been showing up every morning to do a little extra work before the day begins. Regardless if it is 35 degrees outside doing tire flips in the sand. He is showing his true leadership guiding the young freshman underneath his wing and helping them become a better athlete. He is on top of nutrition game and I am excited to see what is in store for him next year." - Kyle Kleeman

Barret Loux- MiLB Pitcher (Free Agent)

"Barret has shown incredible resolve over this off-season as he continues to battle back from a couple injuries in his career. He has revamped his mechanics and is poised for a big season. He is a tremendous worker and I believe there are exciting things coming for him soon." - Kevin Poppe

John Simms - MiLB Pitcher  (Washington Nationals)

"I'm coming into my second year with John and his climb back to the top after hip surgery has been astonishing to see. He doesn't allow adversity to affect him. He's constantly pursuing his ultimate goal. Definitely excited to see what's in store for him this year." - Jeff McCollum

Scott Kazmir- MLB Pitcher (Los Angeles Dodgers)

"Scott has been getting after it this off-season. He has remarkably changed his body composition over the course of the past few months. He is extremely hungry to have success this season in LA. He shows it by working out every morning from 6-8am." - Kevin Poppe

Aden Harris - Youth POTW

"Aden is this week's performer of the week. Aden is one of the hardest working athlete's I've ever coached. He is always looking for extra work to do when he comes in. He understands the road ahead of him and has thededication to be successful. His hard work is paying off, this year he made the Rawlings 12u Premier team." - Jordan Ainsworth

By Dynamic Sports Training 28 Jan, 2016
"Should my son/daughter play more than one sport?"

"When should he/she only focus on one sport?"

These are questions that I am asked daily.  I can tell you that young children should have more than one particular set of skills when it comes to athletics. Most parents encourage their young athletes (6-15 y/o) to participate in more than one type of sport. In the fitness industry, we call this “generalized training” or “multilateral development.” There is a wide range of benefits athletes receive from playing multiple sports and implementing multiple training methods. These benefits can include:

  • Better Motor Control
  • An Increase in Neural Pathways
  • Improved Cognitive Functions
  • Better Overall Athleticism
Generalized training includes exercises and competitions that stress the body in a variety of ways, but they may not do so in the same manner the preferred sport would. Specialized training includes exercises and competitions that stress the body in a way that is very similar to - and often times customized for - the preferred sport.

Eventually, if an athlete is serious about a professional athletic career, they will focus on only one sport and drop all other sports. Now, here's the big question: When should an athlete make the decision to focus on one sport? 

There is a surprisingly linear progression in which the generalization of an athletic program occurs. To simplify the findings of recent data, the amount of time spent in general or specific training can be broken down into percentages.

The figure at the top of the article shows that both types of training are beneficial for all athletes. As an athlete progresses in age and skill, the training should become more defined. This is a very good model, but believe me when I say, "No two athletes are the same."

Each athlete will require a slightly different progression of training. There are many factors that play into the timeline of training specialization. Some of these factors include chronological age, biological age, training age, psychological development, preferred sport and rate of adaptation.

My advice to parents that are serious in their children’s athletic career is this:  Find a certified personal trainer, strength coach, or sports performance specialist.  Your young athlete needs to make the most of their training time and have a plan to grow and adapt.

Jordan Ainsworth is the Director of Youth Training at Dynamic Sports Training. Have a question about the article?
E-mail Jordan Here .

*Sources Cited:

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By Dynamic Sports Training 25 Jan, 2016
´╗┐This week's Performers of the Week have been members of the DST family for a long time and have been consistent and hard-working. That hard work has produced dividends for each of these guys on different levels. Hats off to these three athletes for a job well-done so far. But this is only the beginning...

Ryan Lollis - MLB Outfielder (San Francisco Giants)

"The past two off seasons I’ve had the privilege of working with Ryan Lollis and have appreciated every second
of it. Ryan is one of those guys that challenges you every chance he gets. He’s not only about making himself a better all-around athlete, but he cares about impacting the people around him. In the past two years, I’ve grown as a person and a trainer, Ryan is someone I have to thank for that." - Jeff McCollum

Jack Barrientez - Cypress Woods High School (Football)

"Jack is a Slot Receiver/ Running Back at Cy-Woods High School who made the varsity squad as a sophomore. He is the definition of a hard worker and someone who is committed to the process. This week, Jack hit a personal record on his pro shuttle, clocking in on lasers at a flying speed of 4.18 seconds (This would have been the 10th best time at the NFL Combine in 2015 ). I am very excited for him and his future!" - Kyle Kleeman

Will Croft - Middle School POTW (Baseball)

"[Will] is one of my most consistent athletes. He shows up almost every day ready to work, and it is paying off. I've seen great improvements over the past few months in his athleticism. I'm very proud of him for making the regional qualifier for Team Texas 12u recently." - Jordan Ainsworth

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