Softball Training Houston, TX

Athletic Development for Youth Athletes in Houston, TX

At DST, our trainers design individualized programs for each and every athlete who comes through our doors. We believe no two athletes are the same. Because of that, we believe no two athletes should train the same. Training youth athletes is a completely different process than training professional athletes. Our goal for our youth athletes is to aid their physical development through three stages: Initiation (ages 8-10), Formation (ages 10-13), and Transition (ages 13-15) -- Depending on what stage the athlete is in, our focus is to train different athletic qualities. Every athlete should work to become more coordinated, stronger and faster. However, there are sensitive periods of certain athletic traits that progress at a faster rate depending on the athlete's age. This means that different stages of our training will bring a different focus.

We offer speed and strength training, as well as training for volleyball, baseball, football, and softball.

DST Youth Training benefits:

Sports Performance - Cardiovascular Health - Self-Esteem - Attention Span - Intelligence - Weight Management - Athletic Ability
Softball Training Houston, TX

Initiation: Ages 8-10

This stage of training is usually an athlete’s first experience in the sports world. Fun is the emphasis during this stage. Most of the exercises and drills during this time are presented as games. It is our trainer’s job to create a fun environment that is still capable of advancing the athlete. 
Sensitive periods during this stage: 
  • Movement adequacy
  • Reaction to acoustic and visual signals
  • Synchronization of movements in time
  • Anaerobic endurance
  • Reaction time 
Most exercises during this period have a coordination component. Creating proper movement patterns is crucial.

Formation: Ages 10-13

At this point, most athletes will have some sort of exposure to training or a coaching environment. It is still important to emphasize fun as a primary component during the sessions. 
Sensitive periods during this stage:
  • Balance 
  • Flexibility 
  • Strength endurance 
  • Aerobic endurance 
  • Movement adequacy 
  • Kinesthetic differentiation 
  • Spatial orientation 
  • Reaction time  

Transition: Ages 13-15

Athletes in this stage have been around sports long enough to understand that hard-work is required to be successful. This combined with the onset of puberty brings about a mental change in the athlete. They are still young and want to have fun, but now they have goals that they are willing to work toward.
Sensitive periods during this stage:
  • Speed-strength 
  • Maximal strength 
  • Flexibility (major muscle groups) 
  • Balance 
  • Spatial Orientation 
  • Static strength endurance
Cognitive abilities are beginning to be limited but should not be forgotten. Strength is king during this stage. This is a short window to set a strength foundation. It must be done in the right way, because any set back can be extremely detrimental to an athlete’s progression.
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"My guys that have done DST have moved from the bottom of the team to the top of the team in less than a year. Jordan's program is the needed piece for youth athlete to get to their full potential and stay healthy in sports, which is very important at a young age."
- Michael Boyle (Premier Baseball of Texas Coach/Pitching Instructor)

"I recommend Jordan's programs to all of my athletes. He helps the athlete's get bigger, faster, and stronger while teaching them to control their changing bodies. It is easy to tell a difference in athletes before and after the DST Youth Program."
- Trey Wall (Premier Baseball of Texas Coach/ Pitching Instructor)

"Jordan Ainsworth has provided me with unbelievable service these past couple years that have elevated my game to the next level. I came off a down season before I started training with Jordan and the rest of the staff at DST. Not only was I able to get back to where I was before, but I have surpassed that level of play. Jordan has also taught men a lot of the science I use in my training and the athletes I train, in order to make us the best athletes possible while staying as healthy as possible. If it wasn't for Jordan I wouldn't be where I am today." 
- Louis Head (RHP for Cleveland Indians & Owner of Bullhead Company)

"I've seen a tremendous improvement in my son's athletic ability. Everything from his hand/eye coordination to an improvement in his strength and speed. I attribute these improvements to the program that his trainer, Jordan, created specifically to improve my son's weaknesses. I highly recommend DST to any parent that wants their child to get bigger, better, faster, stronger, the right way and in a positive environment."
- Lane Harris (DST Parent, Aden Harris)
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