Dynamic Sports Training EST.2008

We’re a sports-performance training facility based in Houston, TX specializing in performance enhancement including a range of levels from amateur to professional. I started training elite level athletes over 6 years ago with one of the top sports performance trainers in the world. I worked with MLB All-Stars and MVPs, NFL Pro Bowl players, and plenty other elite athletes.

Why Do World-Class Athletes Train With DST?

Over the years countless athletes have trusted DST to help them become faster, stronger, and more effective in their sport. Clients include multiple MLB All-Stars such as Scott Kazmir, Carl Crawford, Michael Bourne, Michael Young, Magglio Ordonez, and more. NFL standouts include Frank Gore, Fred Taylor, Marion Barber, Byron Leftwich, and Ben Tate. Even Olympic athletes have trusted DST to enhance their performance. DST is partnered with Marucci Baseball in Houston at their Baseball USA facility located next door. DST can provide the performance enhancement training and resources for all Marucci prep athletes. DST athletes have chosen DST over the other training facilities because of our extensive experience, intense work ethic, and proven results.

Taking Your Athletic Performance To Another Level

If you’re looking enhance your performance to a higher level, prolong your career by reducing the risk of injury, or rehabbing an injury to get back into the game like DST athlete, and MLB All-Star, Scott Kazmir, choose DST. If you’re looking to perform at a much higher level, reduce the risk of injury to prolong your career, or even rehab from an injury to get back into the game (like DST athlete Scott Kazmir did in his comeback of 2013)… we’re here for you. Browse this site to see our Houston, TX-based Training Services , learn about our camps for prep and college athletes, and if you can’t make it to Houston to train directly with us… purchase our online training programs, like the Accelerated Arm Recovery Routine, that walk you through some of the same training routines we use with our professional level athletes.